A “rainy day letter” and how to make one

image: Becky Demmen, author

People have written about rainy day letters often. If you Google it, you will see a myriad of articles about it. These letters have found success in anything from increasing self-esteem to processing trauma. They can help with a range of experiences. It’s a straightforward idea that can be incredibly effective.

The idea is that you write a letter to yourself that you pick up and read when times get tough. Whenever you have a “rainy day”.

I wrote my letter five months ago. I was struggling with my chronic pain, and the pain was the most widespread it had…


Finding something that works for you.

Image: Becky Demmen

I was on a roll. 5.30 am wake up, lemon water, morning pages, exercise, relax with breakfast, and then the workday begins. This was the amazing morning routine I had about a year ago. It felt incredible, and I was unstoppable. Then it all had to change.

How I Built This Routine

I had been watching a lot of content around morning routines. There were a lot of consistent messages across the content I was looking at.

- 5.30 am is the magical wake-up time among lifestyle influencers.
- Lemon water is also a firm favourite.
- Exercising in the morning is good for you…


What system I used and how I know I will read even more this year.

Yummy books.

When I was younger, reading was easy. As easy as breathing. I would read every chance I got. I would stay up late reading anything I could get my hands on. Then it dwindled over the years, picking up now and then. Last year, I realised that I hadn’t finished a book in a long time. So I decided it was time to reconnect with my favourite past time. Read on to find out what system helped me do it and some tips I learnt along the way.

What I stopped doing

Muchelle B, once again, stepped into my life just when I needed…


How I organise it and why it makes me feel happier.

I first heard of a commonplace book from YouTuber Amy Landino. Her video inspired me. I followed her amazon links and set up my commonplace journal as soon as I could.

If you haven’t heard about a commonplace book, I would highly recommend her video. She mentions an article by Ryan Holiday, which shares what a commonplace book is, how he keeps one and why. He explains,

“A commonplace book is a central resource or depository for ideas, quotes, anecdotes, observations and information you come across during your life and didactic pursuits. …


How writing a line a day can support change.

One Line a Day journal, a pen and a candle
One Line a Day journal, a pen and a candle
I tend to journal in the mornings | Photo by Becky Demmen

I have been using a 5 year, “one line a day” journal for just over one year now. Here is what I have learned, how I feel, and some top tips if you decide to get one.

In September of last year, my partner and I bought a house.

Discussion of our future was becoming more frequent. My business was going from strength to strength with new opportunities around the corner. It felt like there were a lot of changes going on. I was looking to the future in a way I never had before. I was considering going back to studying and making some changes to my business. I could feel…

What the brilliant show taught me about the media’s attitude to women.

Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon sitting at a chess board
Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon sitting at a chess board
Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit | Photo: Netflix

Note: Light spoilers for the show. Mentions of sexual assault, violence against women and addiction.

I kept seeing it everywhere. The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. People saying that they had never anticipated they could care this much about chess. That the acting was incredible. The set design and costume were glorious. I saw it advertised everywhere, recommendations flying in from friends. When I finally settled in for a night of viewing, I was optimistic it would be everything people said it was. And it was. It was brilliant. Whilst enjoying myself immensely there were moments where something was nagging me…

How shaving my head changed everything.

I looked into the mirror to see my freckled face without its regular frame. My hair was gone. The idea to shave my hair came a few weeks before this. I had been changing my hair a lot in the last few years. A pixie cut was followed by slightly longer hair with an undercut. Then I had woken up that fateful April morning and it felt like the day. So, I did it.

In the months since then I have experienced a revolution of self. I wanted to interrogate what has changed since I “braved the shave.” I have…

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